Crashes, smashes and hilarious mud splashes

Total Wipeout



Total Wipeout is a smash hit BBC One family prime time entertainment show set on one of the world’s most demanding yet hilarious obstacle courses.

Presenter Richard Hammond comments on all the action as it unfolds from the safety of the studio, meanwhile Amanda Byram is trackside in Buenos Aires to talk to the courageous contestants about their valiant attempts to complete this extraordinary course.

The series feature the general public as well as thrill seeking celebrities - all taking on some of the toughest, most ridiculous and physically demanding games ever created.

It’s about poise, balance, determination and strength… and of course staying out of the mud.

Each contestant must use every last ounce of energy as they tackle The Crazy Sweeper, the spine tingling beast that is ‘Crash Mountain’ and the all new Wipeout Zone.